The interview of the month

21 January 2024
Meet Paola Vitali, Human Resources Officer.
Can you tell us about your professional experience before joining ROF?
I graduated from high school in Pesaro, then I trained as an Employment Consultant and graduated in Economics and Business from Carlo Bo University in Urbino. Before joining ROF, I worked in an accountancy firm, where I was particularly involved in the entire process of managing employees' labour and social security obligations.
What was your first contact with the festival?
My work experience with ROF started in April 2008. When I heard that they were looking for someone in my field, I sent in my application and was selected after a series of interviews. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with several colleagues: both the Head of Human Resources, Marco Angelozzi, and the Chief Economist, Loris Ugolini. All this has allowed me to acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out various administrative, accounting and bureaucratic tasks, which are essential practices for the functioning of the Festival. Since November 2017, I have also followed the contractual part of the artists' contracts, working alongside the historical head of the Superintendence Secretariat, Rita Silvestrini; in 2023, I took over the duties of the Personnel Office, replacing my colleague who has since retired.
You carry out activities related to the Personnel Office. Can you explain what your job involves?
It is not easy to summarise my work in a few lines. My main task is to manage all salary, tax and contribution obligations relating to the employment of ROF employees and self-employed persons. From the moment they are hired until the end of their contract. Each person hired - from auxiliary or permanent staff to technicians and self-employed workers (who are treated differently from self-employed workers in other areas) - is entered into the management system to receive monthly pay slips. Once the pay slips have been processed, salary payments are made and the various contributions and taxes are declared and paid. This is the simplest and most concise way of explaining in very few words just the part of the work that I do every month, and which a more technical explanation would otherwise be complicated, perhaps boring... certainly not very artistic.
What is your favourite memory of your experience at ROF?
The moment I remember most is the first time I attended a dress rehearsal. Seeing the work of the whole year come to fruition before my eyes and being able to see not only the beauty of the performance, but also everything that goes on behind the scenes: all the work of the technicians (props, stagehands, seamstresses, electricians, make-up and wigs...) combined with the work of the artists (directors, stage designers, conductors, singers, choir and orchestra...). A harmonious complexity that, when synchronised, is almost simple at first sight! A year's work manifested in a single day. A magic that is repeated at each edition.