The ROF at the 24Ore Business School

The research project with the students of the Master in Economics and Management for Art and Culture ended at the headquarters of the 24Ore Business School in Rome. The project, supported by Valentina Toscano, Senior Content Manager for the art area of the business school, and coordinated by lecturers Alessandro Bollo and Micol D’Andrea, aimed to connect the world of the Rossini Opera Festival with study and research to bring students closer to a real case such as our Festival. The 4 projects were analysed by the jury chaired by the ROF in the persons of the Director Cristian della Chiara, Stefano Murciano and Giacomo Mariotti accompanied by Benedetta Carpi de Resmini, art curator and lecturer, and Giuseppe Garrera, scientific coordinator of the Master.

It was a difficult choice, which saw the project of the La Gazza Ladra group composed of Lisa Arena, Tommaso Chiaramida, Martina Nutta, Micol Polacco and Martina Ricciardi as the winner, for its ability to synthesise the complexity of the processes of audience enlargement and digitalisation on which, as ROF, we have been working for some time.

The collaboration stems from the commitment of one of our historical partners, EBWorld and its sole director Francesco Mete, who supports the importance of weaving valuable relationships with the territory through culture and where digitalisation is an enabling tool for building an increasingly safe, connected and sustainable society.

Published in : 30 March 2023