The Crescendo per Rossini project is realized by the Rossini Opera Festival and the Fondazione Rossini under the patronage of the Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino and the Comune di Pesaro. 
The project aims to help students from primary and higher schools, giving them all the necessary educational aids, to listen intelligently to opera, this being a cultural patrimony particularly relevant to our region, thanks to the presence here of the Conservatorio G. Rossini, the Fondazione Rossini and the Rossini Opera Festival.

The course, co-ordinated by Prof. Claudia Rondolini, has taken the form of preparatory lessons aiming at getting to know Rossini from the historical and artistic point of view, and others designed to lead to listening to an opera with understanding, by means of the use of audio-visual materials.

Furthermore, a laboratory phase is envisaged in which the students master the elements constituting an opera: words, music and acting.

Finally, guided tours will be held visiting some of the places connected with the image of Gioachino Rossini: the theatre named after him and the Library of the Fondazione Rossini. 
As from 2017 the project had included a collaboration with the Univeristà degli Studi di Urbino.


Project referents: Federica Bassani, Claudia Rondolini

Preschool: Katia Natalini 
Primary School: Massimo Buonanno, Lorenzo Piscopiello, Marco Roveti, Elisabetta Tamburello
Secondary School: Federica Bassani, Isotta Grazzi, Katia Natalini, Claudia Rondolini
Secondary School: Federica Bassani, Katia Natalini, Claudia Rondolini 
Villa Fastiggi prison: Federica Bassani and Claudia Rondolini 
Social-educational rehabilitation day centres Le Ville” in Montefelcino and “Villa Evelina” in Lucrezia: Federica Bassani and Claudia Rondolini