ROF tra storia e memoria

ROF between history and memory retraced the long professional and human adventure of Studio Amati Bacciardi within the Rossini Opera Festival. The exhibition was held at Palazzo Mosca, seat of the Musei Civici di Pesaro, from 22 July to 2 September 2017.
The exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Pesaro and Sistema Museo, had its annex at Venturi Ottici (Via Cialdini, 37), which supported the initiative together with the Venturi Spazio all’Arte Association.

It was not just a simple photographic exhibition of the ROF and its performances, but a visual and emotional journey through thirty summers spent by Fulvia Amati, Silvano Bacciardi and their collaborators in the engine room of the Festival, first as workshop boys and then, little by little, as the true witnesses of a glorious history that they experienced at first hand as an integral part of the ROF people in the places where it is reborn every year.
The images chosen privilege the performances, the part of the event that is visible to all, presented from a privileged and deeply personal point of view, without too much concern for fidelity to chronological or chronological criteria.