We have integrated the principles of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development into our activities and are committed to promoting a sustainable and inclusive culture. Through various initiatives, the Festival advocates sustainability, social inclusion and transparent and accountable governance in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Festival adopts green practices to reduce its environmental impact, such as using recyclable and biodegradable materials and promoting sustainable transport for audiences. The festival has been certified by Ambiente e Salute – Legambiente since 2022 Ecoevents.
On the social front, the ROF is committed to promoting cultural inclusion and supporting young talent, working with cultural and musical institutions to create opportunities for emerging artists.
In terms of governance, the Festival maintains transparent and accountable management, regularly publishing social budgets that outline its activities and achievements. This approach ensures the integrity and ethics of its operations and builds trust with audiences and partners. Participation in international events underlines the ROF’s commitment to global cultural cooperation, promoting Rossini’s music internationally.

Through these actions, the Rossini Opera Festival demonstrates a clear alignment with ESG principles, helping to create a positive and lasting impact on society and the environment. This approach reinforces the Festival’s cultural and social relevance, ensuring that its activities are sustainable and beneficial to all stakeholders.