Magazzini Rossini

As part of the programme of activities for Pesaro 2024: Italian Capital of Culture, the ROF has developed a project called Magazzini Rossini. The Rossini Opera Festival will open its workshops to a wide range of creativity, creating new areas of contact with the city through languages other than music. The project will activate partnerships with various local associations working on the theme of recycling and reuse of materials.

The project is divided into two parts: Phantoms of the Opera Scenes, costumes and props from the 44-year history of the Rossini Opera Festival will be revived in the contemporary world and will fill the public space through artistic interventions of urban reconfiguration curated by internationally renowned architects;
The Ingredients? They are here! Scraps of costumes that become diary covers, stage floors that become basketball courts, props that become toys: these and a thousand other reuses will give new life to discarded materials that will be transformed from waste into protagonists of a new everyday life, with the aim of changing the function of the use of objects and materials by meeting the challenges of environmental sustainability.

As part of the project, it is also planned to reuse part of the set design of Adina, created by set designer Tiziano Santi by the Rossini Opera Festival in co-production with Wexford Festival Opera in 2018. In particular, a set in the shape of a cake will be placed in an accessible location in the city centre.