Cenerentola #25

In November 2023, the Rossini Opera Festival implemented the Cenerentola #25 project, winner of one of the calls for tenders launched within the framework of the Special Projects Music funded by the Ministry of Culture.

The aim of the initiative was to create a path for the dissemination of historical and artistic content related to the knowledge of opera as a symbol of Italian cultural heritage throughout the world, also through digital technologies. Cenerentola #25 celebrated the 25th anniversary of Luca Ronconi’s production at the ROF in 1998 and was divided into three sections: Getting to know, meeting and playing with Cinderella.

On Tuesday 7 November, the Giometti multiplex screened the 2000 ROF revival of La Cenerentola, directed by Luca Ronconi, with sets by Margherita Palli and costumes by Carlo Diappi,
On Wednesday 8 November, in the Sala della Repubblica of the Teatro Rossini, the ROF Talk La Cenerentola 25 years later took place, with the participation of Luigi Ferrari (President of the Istituto Nazionale Studi Verdiani, then Artistic Director of the ROF), Angelo Foletto (President of the National Association of Music Critics), Ilaria Narici (Scientific Director of the Fondazione Rossini), Ernesto Palacio (Superintendent of the ROF) and members of the cast who were to perform La Cenerentola the following day. During the talk, the interactive project ROF UP!, created for the ROF by the digital agency Indici Opponibili, was presented: a didactic platform to be used as a tool in the Crescendo per Rossini training programme.
On Thursday 9 November, a selection of pieces from Cinderella was performed at the Teatro Rossini. The cast was made up of young established performers who trained at the Accademia Rossiniana ‘Alberto Zedda’: Chiara Tirotta (Cinderella), Pietro Adaini (Don Ramiro), Giuseppe Toia (Don Magnifico), Matteo Mancini (Dandini), Giacomo Nanni (Alidoro). Alessandro Uva at the piano.

On Sunday 12 November at the Teatro Rossini the pianist Francesco Libetta held a recital entitled Rossini and surroundings, performing music by Rossini, Sogner, Valeri, Vernet, Kalkbrenner and Liszt.

Two international promotion events for the project followed at the Italian Consulate in New York (Monday 27 November) and at the Italian Embassy in Berlin (Thursday 30 November), in which the selection of songs from Cenerentola was re-proposed and announced the ROF 2024 program.