Crescendo per Rossini was founded in 2010 as an educational project for primary and secondary school students in the area, in collaboration with the Rossini Foundation and under the patronage of the Municipality of Pesaro and the Province of Pesaro Urbino.

Over the years, the activity has been extended to include nursery schools and the University of Urbino, thus covering all levels of study. A training course for teachers has also been active since 2019, in collaboration with the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro and the Liceo Laurana Baldi in Urbino.

The project has also opened up to out-of-school environments: the Pesaro prison, the socio-educational rehabilitation centres “Le Ville” in Montefelcino and “Villa Evelina” in Lucrezia, and in the future the neonatal unit of the S. Salvatore Hospital in Pesaro and the Università dell’Età libera di Pesaro.