Waiting for Pesaro 2024

The Pescheria Visual Arts Centre has been presented in its new permanent layout: thanks to this, the structure takes on the role of official hub of Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024. Having always been a national reference point for contemporary art and a centre of cultural production open to different expressive languages through which to dialogue with the present, the Pescheria now becomes an iconic destination for the digital enjoyment of creativity and the art of our time, in perfect harmony with the title of the candidacy project ‘The Nature of Culture’.

As part of the Pesaro 2024 project, two immersive videos were presented in the preview, offering an evocative journey through the valleys and seas of the 50 municipalities of the province: Pesaro Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2024 and Pesaro Grande Scultura (directed by Giuseppe Rondina with animation by Giuseppe Rondina and Francesco Zanotti).

The Pescheria Visual Art Centre is a municipal foundation which manages the city’s museum network and will be the implementer of the Pesaro 2024 programme with the role of coordinating all the activities on the calendar.

Published in : 24 February 2023