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23 November 2023
231123bianca e falliero

Bianca e Falliero was premiered at La Scala on 26 December 1819.

Bianca e Falliero, a melodrama in two acts with a libretto by Felice Romani, was first performed in Milan on 26 December 1819 at the Teatro alla Scala. The autograph is kept in the Casa Ricordi archives. The subject is taken from Blanche et Montcassin (1798) by A.v.Arnhault.  It will return to the ROF in 2024, having already been staged in 1986 by Pier Luigi Pizzi (and revived in 1989) and in 2005 by Jean-Louis Martinoty.

In 1986, at the Auditorium Pedrotti, Donato Renzetti conducted the London Sinfonietta Opera Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonic Choir. The cast included Katia Ricciarelli (Bianca), Marilyn Horne (Falliero), Chris Merritt (Contareno), Giorgio Surjan (Capellio), Ambrogio Riva (Priuli), Patrizia Orciani (Costanza), Ernesto Gavazzi (Pisani) and Diego D'Auria (Ufficiale / Usciere). The production was revived in 1989 with Daniele Gatti conducting the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna and the Prague Philharmonic Choir. The cast included Lella Cuberli and Martine Dupuy in the two leading roles, with Chris Merritt (Contareno) and Ambrogio Riva (Priuli) returning to the cast. New performers for Capellio (Pietro Spagnoli), Costanza (Ornella Bonomelli), Pisani (Claudio Bisaro) and Ufficiale / Usciere (Francesco Piccoli).

In 2005, Jean-Louis Martinoty designed a new production, assisted by Hans Schavernoch (sets), Daniel Ogier (costumes) and Gigi Saccomandi (lighting). Renato Palumbo conducted the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia and the Prague Chamber Choir. The cast included María Bayo and Daniela Barcellona in the title roles, Francesco Meli (Contareno), Carlo Lepore (Capellio), Dario Benini (Priuli), Ornella Bonomelli (Costanza), Jirí Prudic (Loredano), Karel Pajer (Ufficiale / Usciere) and Stefan Cifolelli (Cancelliere).