Are you 100% Easy ROF?

Are you 100% Easy ROF?
Are you ready to be one of the 100 young people who will live a 100% unique experience at the Rossini Opera Festival? Join us with 100% Easy ROF to celebrate the music of Rossini and discover the priceless beauty of opera!

Welcome to the Rossini Opera Festival, where the musical excellence of Gioachino Rossini is celebrated!
The Rossini Opera Festival preserves and promotes the rich musical heritage of Gioachino Rossini. Founded in 1980, the ROF has become a beacon on the international opera scene, combining passion and dedication to celebrate the greatness of one of Italy’s greatest composers.

The ROF’s mission: recovery and restitution.
The ROF’s mission is twofold: to recover and stage Rossini’s precious musical heritage. The history of the Festival has its roots in Rossini’s bequest to the city of Pesaro, which enabled the creation of the current Conservatorio di Musica and the Rossini Foundation.

Interactive laboratory of applied musicology.
The ROF is more than a festival; it is an interactive laboratory of applied musicology. Created to bring Rossini’s works back to the world in their original edition, the Festival offers an international stage to the fruits of the Rossini Foundation’s scientific activity.

A cultural jewel of inestimable value.
Its history, its mission to recover and promote Rossini’s repertoire and its agile organisational structure make the ROF a cultural jewel of inestimable value. The Festival keeps Rossini’s legacy alive, involving and inspiring opera lovers from all over the world.

Exclusive opportunity for students of Italian conservatories.
The ROF offers 100 students from Italy’s Conservatories the unique opportunity to experience the excitement of opera at a special price. For just €100, students can attend four performances of their choice during the Festival.

How to book: easy and exclusive access for conservatory students.
To take advantage of this special offer, please send an email to with the following details Name, Surname, Address, Telephone Number, Email and Conservatoire attended, indicating the four performances and dates you wish to attend. The box office will confirm your booking by email, subject to availability, when you collect your tickets.
For further information:; Tel.+39 0721 3800294;

Published in : 30 December 2023