The interview of the month

28 January 2023

Cristian Della Chiara has been General Director of the Rossini Opera Festival since 2022, after having held the position of Head of Marketing and Institutional Relations and collaborated in various capacities with the Festival since 1995.

"My first opera at the ROF? It was Zelmira, staged by Yannis Kokkos, with Mariella Devia and Sonia Ganassi. I have dedicated more than 20 years of my professional life to the Festival, performing a wide variety of tasks and following a path of growth that has led me to my current position. The main goals I have set myself are to give a strong impetus to the Marketing and Digital Communication sector, as well as the crucial Fundraising sector: we have made several steps forward in both areas, but now it is time to consolidate this path with multi-year projects. In addition, I am working on the creation of greater coordination and circulation of information between the various offices, to make decision-making processes more efficient and faster; my many years of experience as organisational director of the Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro has been invaluable. The fruit of joint work with the Board of Directors was the production of a new organisational structure for the Foundation's personnel that we believe will further increase the efficiency of all management processes".

Pesaro has made Rossini and music one of its main economic and promotional levers. How do you imagine the ROF's future path in this context? “Rossini and his Festival were the bases of  Pesaro's candidature as UNESCO City of Music, a recognition obtained on 31 October 2017. This prestigious achievement has multiplied our energies in planning an intense marketing and promotional activity for the territory. The Rossini Opera Festival is an active member of the organisation of the activities of Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024 as well as a working group for the candidature of the city of Pesaro and Urbino as European Capital of Culture 2033. As part of the programme of activities of Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024, the ROF is working on a project conceived for the occasion entitled Magazzini Rossini, with which it will open its workshops to widespread creativity, adding new areas of contact with the city through languages other than music. The project will activate partnerships with various local associations committed to the theme of recycling and reuse of materials. Another primary objective of the Festival in the coming years is to embrace the guidelines dictated by Agenda 2030, the action programme for people, planet and prosperity promoted by the UN. In 2022 the Festival started a process of certification as an eco-sustainable event guaranteed by the certifying body Ecoevents in partnership with Legambiente Nazionale, through a protocol of 110 good practices to be respected".