The second Salon Rossini

20 July 2023

The Salons Rossini series, featuring the pupils of the Accademia Rossiniana “Alberto Zedda” 2023, are continuing to flourish under the sponsorship of the Fondazione Meuccia Severi.

The concerts, inspired by the famous and vivacious musical evenings that Rossini loved to organize at his villa in Passy, are being set in some of the ancient towns in the Pesaro-Urbino province, offering audiences of the ROF the opportunity to discover our provincial territory and, at the same time, bringing Festival performances to a new audience in unusual and evocative spots.

On Saturday 22nd July at 9.00 p.m. in the Church of San Francesco, Cagli, the second Salon entitled Inflammatus et accensus  will be held, offering some of the most famous arias from Rossini’s sacred works: Paolo Nevi (tenor) will sing the “Cujus animam” from the Stabat Mater; Sabrina Gárdez (soprano) and Saori Sugiyama (mezzo-soprano) will present the duet “Qui tollis” from the Petite messe solennelle; Sabrina Gárdez will offer the aria “Inflammatus et accensus” from the Stabat Mater and Saori Sugiyama will interpret the “Agnus Dei” from the Petite messe solennelle.  The pianoforte accompaniments will be played by Alessandro Uva.

The concert, which forms part of the Festival Giovane 2023, a section of the Rossini Opera Festival dedicated to promsing young singers, will be introduced by a short listener’s guide by the musicologist Andrea Parissi of the Fondazione Rossini, and will end with a convivial moment.

Members of the audience will receive a free token enabling them to pick up a programme of the operas presented by the ROF 2023 at the entrance to the Vitifrigo Arena.

This second edition of the Salons Rossini has been organized with the collaboration of the Fondazione Rossini and the town councils of Gradara, Cagli, Mondavio, Carpegna and Urbino.  Entrance to the concerts is free of charge subject to the availability of seats.

Information: [email protected]

The following concerts in the series, again at 9.00 p.m., will be on Thursday 27th July at the Franciscan Cloisters of Mondavio, on Sunday 30th July at the Palazzo dei Principi di Carpegna, and Tuesday 1st August at the Palazzo Ducale, Urbino.