The new Sala della Repubbblica

27 March 2023

The Sala della Repubblica at the Teatro Rossini was reopened to the public on International Theatre Day (27 March) with the meeting Fondazione Fo Rame and Pesaro for the living memory of Dario and Franca.
Festival Director General Cristian Della Chiara, who spoke at the meeting together with Deputy Mayor Daniele Vimini, Councillor Riccardo Pozzi and Fo Rame Foundation representatives Mattea Fo (president), Marco Marchetti (councillor) and Stefano Bertea (project manager), said: "We are very happy for the reopening of the Sala della Repubblica, which puts a renovated space at everyone's disposal, which the ROF will also be able to use as of this summer as a rehearsal room and venue for events. The restoration programme of the Teatro Rossini, among other things, will allow our audience to keep the usual Ticket Office at the Teatro Rossini as a reference point, which will remain active this summer at the same time as the building is being restored". There are 120 seats available for a real multifunctional Ridotto that will allow events to be held at the same time as the theatre, hosting conventions, conferences, theatre, music and dance performances.