The project Crescendo per Rossini is back

1 April 2022

The 12th edition of Crescendo per Rossini, the educational project realized by the Rossini Opera Festival and the Fondazione Rossini with the patronage of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino and the Municipality of Pesaro, is back.

The project was founded in 2010 for students of the Primary and Secondary Schools of first and second grade, providing them with the necessary cognitive tools to listen to the melodrama, cultural heritage that specifically characterizes our territory thanks to the presence of the Conservatory of Music G. Rossini, the Fondazione Rossini and the Rossini Opera Festival. Since 2017 the project has been extended to the University of Urbino and to the Kindergartens of the territory. The 2021/22 edition was attended by 63 classes from 17 schools, for a total of about 1600 students.

Also as part of Crescendo per Rossini, the fourth edition of the Training and Refresher Course for teachers promoted in collaboration with the Conservatorio Rossini in Pesaro and the Liceo Scientifico e delle Scienze Umane "Laurana-Baldi" in Urbino is in full swing.

The course is held remotely by Professors Maria Chiara Mazzi and Luigi Livi, and this year develops the following topics:

1)  The “comic” in music from the Renaissance to the seventeenth century

2)  The “comic” in music in the eighteenth century: Italians, Germans and French

3)  Rossini and the “comic” in music

4)  Le Comte Ory

The initiative aims to complete the vision of a historical period also through the art of music, to understand the interconnections between musical genres and the reference society and to build a diachronic path in reference to a subject and understand its reuse through music over time. Open to citizens, the project has had a favorable reception over the years.