ROF 15K at the Museo nazionale Rossini

28 September 2021
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On the 28th August 1980 the curtain of the Teatro Rossini rose on the first performance of La gazza ladra, the inaugural production of the first edition of the Rossini Opera Festival. Wednesday 22nd September 2021 will mark the passage of precisely 15.000 days from that date. The impact of the Rossini Opera Festival on the town of Pesaro and its own identification with the town represents a bond that has been renewed daily for more than forty years, and this is why we have thought it pertinent to choose the day as the unit of measurement for calculating the age of the Festival.

Thanks to the work of the ROF Laboratories, 24 setting models of some of the principal operas staged during the Festival’s 41 years have been restored. These models will be a feature of the exhibition ROF 15K, which will be inaugurated at the Museo Nazionale Rossini on Wednesday 29nd September at 6 pm.

Mounted  by Cristian Della Chiara, based on an exhibition project by Bruno Mariotti, CH+, subsidized by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro, the exhibition has been realized by the ROF laboratories together with Sistema Museo and, for the multimedial section, by Marco Rossetti, Imergo.  Alberto Giuliani has been in charge of  direction and production of the video material, while the photographs are by the Studio Amati Bacciardi.

 In the over forty years of its history, the formula “musicology plus theatre” has established itself through the ROF experience: a laboratory of applied musicology, realized in tandem with the experts of the Fondazione Rossini.  In this way the limits of reciprocal autonomy between musicological research and modern theatrical restitution were defined, summed up in the formula: maximum respect towards the authentic musical source, maximum freedom in matters of staging.

This is precisely why the history of the Festival may also be told through some of the most extraordinary productions that have animated its stages,  restored to new life by means of scale models of stage settings, once simply working tools and now masterpieces of artisanal dexterity, recreating for the visitor all the wonder of the manual skill and the creative power of mind and soul that have characterized the long history of musical theatre in this town of Pesaro.

List of models: 2011 Mosè in Egitto (Vick), 2013 Guglielmo Tell (Vick), 1994 L’inganno felice (Vick), 1998 Cenerentola (Ronconi), 2005 Il barbiere di Siviglia (Ronconi), 1995 Guglielmo Tell (Pizzi), 2018 Il barbiere di Siviglia (Pizzi), 1982 Tancredi (Pizzi), 2002 La pietra del paragone (Pizzi), 2001 Le nozze di Teti e di Peleo (Pizzi), 2012 Ciro in Babilonia (Livermore), 1994 L’Italiana in Algeri (Fo), 2001 La gazzetta (Fo), 2004 Matilde di Shabran (Martone), 2007 La gazza ladra (Michieletto), 2020 La cambiale di matrimonio (Dale), 2000 La scala di seta (De Filippo), 2019 L’equivoco stravagante (Leiser & Caurier), 2012 Il signor Bruschino (Teatro Sotterraneo), 1985 Il signor Bruschino (De Simone), 1987 Ermione (De Simone), 2019 Semiramide (Vick), 1992 Semiramide (De Ana), 2003 Semiramide (Kaegi).

Three of the scale models (the 2011 Mosè in Egitto, the 2005 Barbiere di Siviglia and the 2001 Nozze di Teti e di Peleo)   have also been reproduced, beside the original, in digital versions that permit a virtual inspecion of the stage scenery from every angle. 


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