The ROF and the 2030 agenda

21 July 2023
230801Obiettivo 4

Among the goals of Agenda 2030, on which the ROF bases its activities, goal no. 4 stands out, which focuses on quality education.

The Rossini Opera Festival's Crescendo per Rossini educational activity for local primary and secondary schools, now in its thirteenth year, began in February and will end with the participation of primary school pupils in the dress rehearsal of Il viaggio a Reims and of secondary school pupils in the dress rehearsal of Eduardo e Cristina. In total, 20 classes from 7 primary schools, 20 classes from 4 secondary schools, 10 classes from 5 secondary schools and 32 children from the nursery school took part in the activities organised in collaboration with the Rossini Foundation, for a total of around 1,300 students. In addition to the activities with the schools, the collaboration with the Carlo Bo University of Urbino continued. This year, the experience was further strengthened by linking the activities to the official teaching programme of the Master's Degree in Classical and Modern Literature at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino, and in particular to the teaching of Fortuna della cultura classica and Classical Philology by Prof. Roberto M. Danese.

The fifth teacher training course was also held in collaboration with the Conservatorio Rossini and the Liceo Laurana Baldi of Urbino. The course focused on Aureliano in Palmira.

Finally, the didactic proposal on Rossini's melodrama for guests of the prison of Pesaro, already implemented in a series of meetings in 2018, was reactivated.

In the Exclusive Content section of the August newsletter, you will find an animation of the sketches and figures of Eduardo and Cristina drawn by the students of the Manzoni, Leopardi and Pirandello schools in Pesaro.