Il Viaggio a Reims is back

13 August 2023

Il viaggio a Reims, the scenic cantata which has by now become a symbol of the Rossini Opera Festival, is back again and will be performed on the 16th and 18th August at 11 the Teatro Sperimentale. As from 2001 the ROF, as part of the Festival Giovane (Young People’s Festival), offers Il viaggio as performed by young singers who have studied at the Accademia Rossiniana “Alberto Zedda”, supported by the Fondazione Meuccia Severi. This arduous test has allowed many of them to gain entrance to international theatres, beginning with the one in Pesaro, which will, this year, once again offer a place on the bill to twenty-three ex-pupils, including 9 debuts.

The pupils of the 35th edition of the Accademia, which was held from the 3rd to the 17th July under the direction of the Intendant Ernesto Palacio, will take leading rôles in the production invented by Emilio Sagi, with costumes by Pepa Ojanguren, rehearsed by Matteo Anselmi. The Filarmonica Gioachino Rossini will be conductedby Andrea Foti.

The cast of the two performances will be Tamar Otanadze e Martina Russomanno (Corinna), Seray Pinar e Saori Sugiyama (Marchesa Melibea), Miyoung Lee e Vittoriana De Amicis (Contessa di Folleville), Sabrina Gárdez e Maria Rita Combattelli (Madama Cortese), Paolo Nevi (Cavalier Belfiore), Pietro Adaíni (Conte di Libenskof), Alberto Comes e Giacomo Nanni (Lord Sidney),  Eduardo Martinez e Giuseppe Toia (Don Profondo), Valerio Morelli e Andrés Cascante (Barone di Trombonok), William Kyle e Matteo Mancini (Don Alvaro), Omar Cepparolli (Don Prudenzio) Michele Galbiati (Don Luigino) Maria Rita Combattelli e Sabrina Gárdez (Delia), Saori Sugiyama e Seray Pinar (Maddalena), Vittoriana De Amicis e Miyoung Lee (Modestina), Xavier Prado e Luigi Morassi (Zefirino/Gelsomino), Andrés Cascante e Valerio Morelli (Antonio).

The two performances will be televised in direct streaming on the web site of the ROF and on the Festival Facebook and Youtube page. As part of the Next Generation project, the first performance of Il viaggio will also be broadcast on, the freeview opera streaming platform run by Opera Europa and supported by the European Union's Creative Europe programme. The two performances of Il viaggio will be available for six months on OperaVision platform, along with a dedicated podcast and backstage video.

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