The interview of the month

25 June 2023

Adamo Lorenzetti is in charge of the Amici del Rossini Opera Festival Association, after having worked at the Festival's P.R. Office.

What was your first contact with the Festival?

My first experience at the ROF was in 1984 when, at the age of 18, I was given a ticket to see a performance of the Viaggio a Reims, and I was literally thunderstruck, although unfortunately I did not have the tools to understand the historical significance of what I was witnessing. From that day on, I went almost every year and in 1987 and 1988 I worked as an extra in Ermione and Otello, at which point the seed had been sown and I decided that my future would be in opera, so I took a diploma in theory and solfeggio studying privately, my intention was to become an assistant director, which obviously required the ability to read a score. This did not happen immediately because for personal reasons in 1994 I moved to Rome, a city that could offer me many more possibilities.

Can you tell us about your professional experiences before joining ROF?

In Rome, I almost immediately found work in the editorial offices of Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo where I stayed for five years and it was at the Costanzo Show that one evening I met Leo Nucci, an artist and extraordinary person with whom I had long conversations and who encouraged me to pursue my passion. I began to study assiduously, reading essays, examining scores and obviously going to the theatre whenever I could, even though my next job for five years was that of Press Office and personal assistant to Francesca Neri and Claudio Amendola. TV and cinema, although far removed from my main passion, allowed me to learn a lot about how other forms of art and performance work. In 2000, I met Marco Carniti, a theatre and opera director, for whom I started working as an assistant, and I was finally able to work backstage in this world that had always fascinated me more than anything else. In 2012 I had to stay in Pesaro for an entire summer for personal reasons and I decided to apply to ROF in the Public Relations office and I immediately realised that this could be my chance to combine my love for music with the know-how I had built up in other fields. I returned every summer until 2017 when I took over as PR Manager from Welleda Donovan who had retired in the meantime.

Can you explain what your work consists of? And what differences do you find with your previous work at ROF?

The PR work is very complex and includes the extensive organisation of the three dress rehearsals, which for years now have been open to an audience of industry, ROF and external collaborators, sponsors, and performance workers. But particularly delicate is the planning of the three premieres to which we invite intendants and artistic directors of international theatres, local, political and military authorities are invited, which also requires a knowledge of protocol regarding the seating hierarchy. Finally, the organisation of the three galas following the three premieres. From 2022 I then moved on to take care of the Friends of the ROF, an association created in 1997 to allow fans from all over the world to support the Festival financially in exchange for benefits such as pre-emption on ticket purchases and invitations to events created especially for them. I find this work extremely galvanising because I have to deal with fans who with indefatigable dedication have supported and continue to support our Festival, allowing us to always maintain the high musical level to which we have always accustomed our spectators.

What is your fondest memory of your experience at the ROF?

If I have to talk about a memory of the ROF that has particularly marked me, I would certainly have to go back to 1987 and to Ermione, which would later become one of my absolute favourite operas. On stage I was dressed as a soldier and next to me sang the absolute myth that was Montserrat Caballé. I will never forget the beauty of that God-given voice. I can only thank the ROF for giving me the opportunity to fulfil my dream by becoming part of its great family, which I hope to be a part of for a long time to come.