An exhibition of the ROF in Shanghai

26 May 2023
The Rossini Opera Festival arrives in China with the exhibition Rossini Opera Festival in China: The Magic and Mystery of Gioachino Rossini in the Middle Longhua Road underground station in Shanghai, travelled by one hundred thousand passengers every day.

The event, organised by the Festival together with the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, the Shanghai Italian Cultural Institute, the Shanghai Friendship Association and Shanghai Metro, was inaugurated on Friday 26 May and will be hosted in the Chinese city's underground for three months, until 26 August. The exhibition design is by Cibic Workshop and OH10-6, the photos by Amati Bacciardi and the videos by Unitel.

The inauguration was attended by President Daniele Vimini and General Manager Cristian Della Chiara. Among the many authorities present were: Tiziana D'Angelo, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai; Francesco D'Arelli, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Shanghai; Fu Jihong, first-level inspector of the Shanghai Friendship Association; Jin Lei, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism; Feng Lei, vice-president of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; Ge Shiping, deputy secretary of the party committee of Shentong Metro Group; Zhao Lei, secretary of the party committee and executive vice-president of the Shanghai Opera House.

The exhibition starts from Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024 and tells the story of the Festival through texts, videos and images of the the creative process: the workshops, the rehearsals, the theatres and the stage.

Music and opera are distinctive elements of Italian culture and tradition, and a crucial factor in cultural exchanges between Italy and China. The vehicle of these exchanges is precisely cultural diplomacy, the deeper and intrinsic drive that moves and promotes relations and mutual understanding between civilisations.

The exhibition at the Shanghai City Second Space is another example of this process of cultural sharing and exchange between Italy and China.

Tiziana D'Angelo, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai: 'Music and especially opera are unique and profound expressions of Italian culture and tradition. On this occasion, which sees us present in one of the most innovative spaces for sharing and disseminating art and culture, the Italian opera tradition and the creative genius of Gioachino Rossini become a further essential moment of human aggregation in the cultural exchange between Italy and China."

Francesco D'Arelli, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Shanghai: 'Gioachino Rossini not only renewed Italian musical theatre, but also marked the way for European theatre. He succeeded, right from his youthful works, in irresistibly spreading his dynamic and simple style, animated by a new, warm and pervading rhythm, so much so that he attracted a new audience to the theatre: the people, who continue to this day to be pervaded by the strength of his music and the enchantment of his plots."

Daniele Vimini, President of the Rossini Opera Festival: "The Festival has always maintained close ties with the Far East, and in recent years has intensified its promotional activities in this area. The audience of our Festival has always been predominantly international and the event scheduled in the Shanghai metro will allow us to introduce Gioachino Rossini and his operas to a potential audience of almost ten million people".