The ROF 2024 in New York and Berlin

23 November 2023
Palacio_Vimini_Della Chiara
The Rossini Opera Festival will present the programme for the 2024 edition on 27 November at the Italian Consulate General in New York and on 30 November at the Italian Embassy in Berlin.

President Daniele Vimini, Deputy Mayor of Pesaro, Intendant Ernesto Palacio, Artistic Director Juan Diego Flórez and General Director Cristian Della Chiara, together with the Mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, will present the next edition of the Festival to the American and European audience.

The 2024 programme, the most extensive ever, will take place over a period of no less than 17 days, 4 more than usual, in order to give the audience that will be in Pesaro from all over the world more opportunities to attend performances, also coinciding with the events of Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024.

The events in New York and Berlin, hosted by the Consul General of Italy in New York, Fabrizio Di Michele, and by the Italian Ambassador in Berlin, Armando Varricchio, will be followed by a concert given by Chiara Tirotta, Pietro Adaíni and Giuseppe Toia, talents trained at the Accademia Rossiniana "Alberto Zedda" of the Rossini Opera Festival. The programme includes excerpts from La Cenerentola, as part of the special project Cenerentola #25, funded by the Ministry of Culture.