Rossinimania: The bear’s dream

17 August 2022
V12A5881 (1)

A new episode in the Rossinimania  series: on Friday 19th August at 11.00 a.m. at the Teatro Rossini there will be a performance of Il sogno dell’orso [the bear’s dream], a musical entertainment “for the exclusive use of the devoted admirers of Rossini’s genius” devised by Sergio Ragni and performed by the actors Matteo Anselmi (who is also the producer) and Ernesto Lama and the singers Andrea Niño, Matteo Roma and Giorgi Manoshvili.  At the pianoforte, Rubén Sánchez Vieco.  Info: 0721.3800294.

The bear of the title is the omnipresent character from La cambiale di matrimonio staged at the ROF in 2020, who has woken up after a long hibernation.  The story unfolds, partly in the past and partly in the present, recounting episodes in Rossini’s life through famous contemporaries of his, such as the impresario Domenico Barbaja, who covers the Naples period, and the Austrian  Chancellor Klemens von Metternich, who describes Rossini’s triumphs in Vienna and his meeting with Beethoven.  There will be an evocation of his last years in Paris, and his meetings with such famous singers as Adelina Patti and the Marchisio sisters.