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2 August 2022

Presented at the Théatre Italien in Paris on 19 June 1825 to celebrate the coronation of Charles X in Reims, Il viaggio a Reims was immediately judged by critics as one of Rossini’s happiest creations. His mysterious disappearance marked its history, but fate wanted this score, believed for a century and a half disappeared into thin air, to be found by chance in Rome, in the Library of Santa Cecilia, in 1983. The Rossini Opera Festival staged it with great success in August of the following year in its world premiere in the critical edition of the Rossini Foundation, in collaboration with Casa Ricordi, edited by Janet Johnson. The memorable show, conceived by Luca Ronconi and conducted by Claudio Abbado, has now passed to the history of opera of the twentieth century; from that moment on, the Journey has become permanently part of the billboards of theaters around the world, becoming one of the most represented Rossini operas. Rossini himself, having withdrawn it after only four performances, would certainly be surprised to know that now his opera is staged from Helsinki to Cape Town and from Tokyo to Los Angeles. 

Since 2001, the ROF, within its Youth Festival, has proposed the Journey in the interpretation of young voices formed within the Accademia Rossiniana "Alberto Zedda". The arduous test has allowed many of them access to the great international stages, starting with that of Pesaro, which this year also hosts many alumni in its billboard.
The show is the one, tested and exported also to the Teatro Real in Madrid and to the Maggio Fiorentino, signed by Emilio Sagi and revived by Matteo Anselmi, with the costumes of Pepa Ojanguren.

The story, little more than a pretext to give shape to a series of dizzying musical numbers, takes place in Plombières. In the thermal hotel "Il Giglio d'Oro" are gathered many nobles from all over Europe: they are headed to Reims, for the coronation of Charles X, the new King of France. After various vicissitudes (amorous and not), we learn that the long-awaited journey is not possible: in all Plombières there are no more horses to rent or buy, given the large number of people preparing to go to the ceremony. The guests of the hotel decide to return to Paris where great celebrations are being prepared in honor of the new King.