Aureliano at the Arena

26 January 2023
The Municipality of Pesaro announced the unavailability of the Teatro Rossini for the summer 2023. "The earthquake has complicated the ongoing maintenance operations, and we had to review priorities and balance the needs of safety, and the performances for 2024 therefore relocating all the ROF performances at the Vitrifrigo Arena", the deputy mayor Daniele Vimini along with the council member Riccardo Pozzi have stated.

The building in Piazzale Lazzarini was already the subject of an extraordinary maintenance work decided by the Administration: "But the earthquake complicated the situation, and we had to revise the project to deal with the damage that had occurred. In fact, the strongest earthquake in the last 100 years caused millions of dollars of damage to the city's public heritage, especially to the historic one, including the Rossini Theatre: "A building over 200 years old," they add, "that needs constant attention, but that has always been manageable. In this case, as indicated by the inspections that have taken place in recent weeks, we find ourselves having to revise the works due to an unpredictable situation, to which we must react. Due to the reasons we have mentioned the renovations will continue throughout the summer: "It will therefore not be possible to host the performances of the Rossini Opera Festival, which, as decided jointly with the director and the intendant of the ROF, will be hosted at the Vitrifrigo Arena; the concerts will take place at the Teatro Sperimentale".

The intendant Ernesto Palacio comments: "We take note of the situation created at the Teatro Rossini, for which we immediately took steps to move Aureliano in Palmira to the Vitrifrigo Arena, a theatre venue that over the years has hosted some of the most significant performances in the Festival's recent history. This will require an extra effort from our technicians, whom I thank in advance for their availability and ability to cope with any unforeseen event. That said, we will be able to offer a significantly larger number of spectators to attend the opera staged by Mario Martone, an absolute rarity that was awarded best rediscovered opera at the 2015 International Opera Awards".

Defined and shared steps also take into account the reopening of the "jewel of the Rossini Theatre building", the Sala della Repubblica: "A 120-seat multifunctional space, the subject of a technological revolution and an aesthetic renovation, which we will use for multiple activities - readings, theatre, dance, meetings and performances - is awaiting final acceptance. We hope it can return available as soon as possible", Vimini and Pozzi conclude.