The interview of the month


Meet Loris Ugolini, Financial Management and Web Master.

1. Can you tell us about your professional experience before joining ROF?
Apart from the classic summer jobs that many young people do on the Adriatic Riviera in order to have a little economic independence, my first real professional experience, after my military service, was in a famous engineering company in the Pesaro area, It was perhaps better known for its motorbike racing department than for its woodworking machinery, but even the latter was of such high quality that in 1987 another well-known company in Rimini bought the brand, which was the beginning of the end of my relationship with the company, and when production was transferred to Rimini I left the world of mechanics for that of music.

2. What was your first contact with the Festival?
My first contact with the Rossini Opera Festival was, I think like for many people from Pesaro, as a spectator in 1996, Matilde di Shabran at the Palafestival, I later discovered that this production would not be counted among the "normal" productions, in fact it marked the beginning of the career of the greatest Rossini tenor of all times. An anecdote: once at a general rehearsal the seats assigned to us were occupied by the director's table, and the poor ushers, always very careful, had to solve the diplomatic incident.

3. You are in charge of accounting, the bursar's office and IT services. Could you explain what your job involves?
Actually, I'm not only in charge of the accounts, the treasurer's office and the IT services, but also of many other bureaucratic aspects required by national and local institutions to ensure that the activities of the Rossini Opera Festival are as transparent as possible. All of this can be simply translated into "what is your job?"... urging your colleagues to achieve the aforementioned result.

4. What is your fondest memory of your experience at ROF?
Certainly all the people I have met over the years, and to bring them all together, without doing any of them any harm, I will mention just one .... Gianfranco Mariotti in front of the porter's lodge at the Teatro Rossini "Mariotti," I say, "but in 'un voce poco fa'... is 'fa' an adverb of time or the verb 'fare'?" "An adverb, Loris, an adverb," he says, “.
If I may...I have come to the end of my career path, I hope that, no, I am sure that whoever takes my place will do so with the same dedication and preparation, I will remember with pleasure all the people I have met over the years and I thank you all.