The first Meeting

4 August 2022

On August 6th at 11am the Fondazione Rossini presents at the Salone Metaurense of Palazzo Ducale the first of the usual Incontri (Meetings), organized on the occasion of the Rossini Opera Festival.  The listening guide will introduce of Le Comte Ory, the opera which will open the 43rd Rossini Opera Festival on Sunday August 9th at the Vitrifrigo Arena, and will be held by the musicologist Emanuele Senici, member of the Scientific Committee of the Fondazione Rossini, together with Daniele Carnini, Editorial Director of the Fondazione Rossini.

The other two Meetings scheduled for the Salone Metaurense will be: on August 7th Per l’ascolto di Otello (an introduction to Otello), with Yves Abel, Rosetta Cucchi, and Ilaria Narici; on August 10th La Fondazione Rossini – Activities and perspectives, with Gianni Letta, Ilaria Narici, Daniele Carnini, Cesare Scarton e Matteo Giuggioli.

The Meetings are broadcast on the Fondazione Rossini’s YouTube channel.

On August 6th, in the Sala Laurana of the Palazzo Ducale, the exhibition ROF15K (opening hours: 10-13am; 4-7pm) will open. The event celebrates the first 15,000 days of life of the ROF through 24 stage models of some of the main operas.