The ROF and the 2030 agenda

23 June 2023

The Rossini Opera Festival is committed to ensuring that the event that takes place in the city of Pesaro has an increasingly positive social, economic, environmental and health impact. To do this, it has undertaken the Ecoevents-Legambiente certification process at the beginning of 2022 under the guidance of Ambiente e Salute Società Benefit. To obtain the certification, the Rossini Opera Festival drew up a management manual and compiled a checklist referring to the 115 Best Practices of sustainability.

With this in mind, Ecoevents certification represents an opportunity to make all those taking part in the event aware of the theme of sustainable development, committing to the following fundamental principles of sustainable development.

Inclusiveness: Inclusion of all people regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, income, nationality or any other form of discrimination;

Environmental Respect: Favouring a condition of balance and interconnectedness that allows human society to satisfy its needs without exceeding the environment's capacity to regenerate itself by managing natural resources in the best possible way;

Accessibility: Allowing and guaranteeing access to events and services to any person;

Legacy: Favouring a positive legacy of the event on the territory in the short and long term;

Transparency: Promoting the communication of information in a clear and honest manner.