Matera 2019 and the ROF together for the opera

27 June 2022

This morning an agreement was signed between the Matera Basilicata Foundation, European Capital of Culture 2019 and the Rossini Opera Festival of Pesaro, UNESCO creative city of Music in 2017 and future Capital of Culture in 2024. This agreement marks the beginning of a collaboration between the two institutions in preparation for 2024 through productions and co-productions, courses for the formation of students eager to work in the theatre world and Rossini recitals with singers from the Accademia Rossiniana “Alberto Zedda”. The President of the Matera Basilicata Foundation 2019,  with the vice Mayor of Pesaro, and President of the Rossini Opera Festival, Cristian Della Chiara the newly appointed General Director of the ROF and the council member of culture of the Municipality of Matera Tiziana D’Oppido were all present at the signing. Giovanni Oliva stated that they are very happy to have realised this synergy with the ROF that we had imagined as soon as Pesaro was appointed Capital of Culture 2024.

"The link with Matera is strong and stems from the sharing of a common path towards an international scenario of culture, beauty and cooperation - explains Daniele Vimini -. In 2018 the two cities signed a memorandum of understanding. Pesaro has acquired a new awareness of itself, and so the recognition of UNESCO Creative City for Music, the recognition of Italian Capital of Culture 2024 and the candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2033 together with Urbino have arrived. In this project, the Rossini Opera Festival is the spearhead".
"We are really happy to have been able to realize this synergy with the Rossini Opera Festival that we had imagined as soon as the city was named Italian Capital of Culture 2024 - emphasizes Giovanni Oliva-. This collaboration intends to continue the path already started in 2019, when in Matera we hosted the presentation of the candidacy of Pesaro and Urbino as European Capital of Culture for 2033 through two productions of the Orchestra Sinfonica Rossini and the Accademia Rossiniana "Alberto Zedda". We will continue to work together right on this path".