Questions for the Opera

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Questions for the opera, a new online didactic activity which is linked to the educational project Crescendo per Rossini. Questions for the Opera is achieved with the collaboration of Fondazione G.Rossini, Bravopera, Unitel, Ricordi and sponsored by the Municipality of Pesaro.

The project reverses the usual learning process, we will start by showing lengthy pieces of one of our productions and then we will move on to the technical and theoretical aspects of the actual opera. We will freely answer the various elicited questions from the viewers without following a set pattern.

This initiative is aimed at High School students, young adults and in general at all of those people who know and love opera but have yet to assimilate its mechanisms and technicalities. These online lectures can be precious both for teachers and social media followers.

The schedule involves five 3 day sessions. We will post a short video on our social media channels with short Q&As and simultaneously we will publish on our website an interactive pdf page with extensive answers to the questions elicited during the video. On the next day we will collect more questions asked by our viewers. On the third day we will interview artists and opera professionals who will then answer the questions. At last we will stream the entire production. We will furthermore publish critical essays, detailed information and the librettos for teachers who wish to examine in the depth the topic with their students. The material will be available both on our social media channels and on our website.

Project schedule:
8 May. Video La Sinfonia and fact sheet on the website
10 May. Interview with Daniele Vimini, President of the Rossini Opera Festival
12 May. Video Se inclinassi a prender moglie and fact sheet on the website
14 May. Interview with Anna Goryachova, singer
16 May. Video Cruda sorte and fact sheet on the website
18 May. Interview with Gianluca Falaschi, costume designer
20 May. Video Finale primo and fact sheet on the website
22 May. Interview with Davide Livermore, director
24 May. Video Pappataci and and fact sheet on the website
26 May. Interview with Ilaria Narici, Scientific Director of the Fondazione Rossini
30 May. Video streaming of L’Italiana in Algeri (ROF 2013)