Crescendo per Rossini for teachers

20 December 2019

The educational project Crescendo per Rossini, carried out by the Rossini Opera Festival and the Fondazione Rossini, suggests for its second year a training itinerary for teachers of primary and secondary school in the Province of Pesaro Urbino. The seven lessons that form the course will be held from the 15th January to the 8th April.

The training course, in collaboration with Liceo Scientifico and Liceo delle Scienze Umane Laurana-Baldi in Urbino and Conservatorio G. Rossini in Pesaro, aims to provide teachers a basic understanding of Gioachino Rossini’s operas and some critical apparatus for an active listening. Aimed for stimulating a interdisciplinary knowledge of the events and myths underlying them, through a plurality of expressive languages, with a special focus on the musical one.

The training itinerary consists of two parallel projects: the first one has a interdisciplinary historical, literary, sociological and musical aspect, and the second one has a guided listening-session. The trainers involved are Maria Chiara Mazzi, professor of Musical History, and Luigi Livi, professor of Instrumentation and Composition for wind orchestra, both at the Conservatory of “G.Rossini” in Pesaro.

For more information contact: Liceo Scientifico e delle Scienze Umane “Laurana-Baldi”, via Pacioli, 24 – 61029 Urbino (PU); email: [email protected]; Tel. 0722/4430; Fax 0722/322860.