The auditions for the selection of the full participants of the Accademia Rossiniana “Alberto Zedda” concern all those who have passed the online pre-selection and are held every year in Pesaro between the end of March and the beginning of April. Each candidate must present two arias, both of which must be Rossinian.

Auditions for the 2024 selection will be held at the Teatro Rossini on March 25, 26 and 27.
Candidates will be notified by e-mail of the date and time of their audition. Therefore, it will not be necessary to stay in Pesaro for the whole three days.
Maestro Palacio invites the submission of arias without cuts, in the original language and tonality, demonstrating possession of coloratura and extension.
The results of the selection will be communicated to all participants by e-mail by the end of April/>