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On 16 February 1822, Zelmira was performed at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples.

Zelmira, dramma in two acts to a libretto by Andrea Leone Tottola, was first performed in Naples on 16 February 1822 at the Teatro San Carlo. Cast of the first performance: Antonio Ambrosi (Polidoro), Isabella Colbran (Zelmira), Giovanni David (Ilo), Andrea Nozzari (Antenore), Anna Maria Cecconi (Emma), Michele Benedetti (Leucippo), Gaetano Chizzola (Eacide), Massimo Orlandini (Gran Sacerdote).

Incomplete autographs are preserved in Paris, at the Conservatoire, and in Brussels, Fonds Michotte. The first edition, dated 1822, is by Artaria, Vienna. The subject is taken from the tragedy of the same name by Dormont de Belloy (1762).