Il ROF per tutti

22 May 2024

Gioachino Rossini under 30? Seemingly a young man like any other... On the contrary, since his childhood he has had extraordinary experiences in the world of music, together with his parents.

What are you waiting for to enter this magical reality as a protagonist? The Festival, in partnership with EBWorld, has created a special offer for those under 30. Here are all the details.

Just eighteen years old, the young Gioachino presents his first opera to the public: La cambiale di matrimonio. Theatres competed for his new talent: no fewer than six of his new operas were performed in 1812: Demetrio e Polibio, L'inganno felice, La scala di seta, L'occasione fa il ladro, Ciro in Babilonia and La pietra del paragone.

Rossini's career continued in northern Italy: the fiasco of Il signor Bruschino was soon followed by the triumphs of Tancredi and L'Italiana in Algeri, while Aureliano in Palmira was a failure. After the failures of Turco in Italia and Sigismondo, Rossini went to Naples in the summer of 1815, hired by the impresario of the Teatri Reali, Domenico Barbaja: in October he staged Elisabetta regina d'Inghilterra, starring his future wife, Isabella Colbran. This resounding success paved the way for him at the age of 23.