The Crescendo per Rossini activity for the 2023/24 school year ended in June: 2,705 students from 107 classes in 30 schools, including nursery schools, primary schools and 1st and 2nd year secondary schools, took part in the initiative. The Festival’s educational staff (Federica Bassani, Carla Di Carlo, Claudia Rondolini, Katia Natalini, Isotta Grazzi, Marco Roveti, Elisabetta Tamburello, Lorenzo Piscopiello and Massimo Buonanno) held a total of 217 meetings.

The training project is also aimed at students of the University of Urbino. This year the meetings have been included in the official didactic offer of the Master’s Degree in Classical and Modern Literature of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo and, in particular, in the classes of Fortuna della cultura classica and Classical Philology of Prof. Roberto M. Danese.
In 2018, a didactic proposal on Rossini’s melodrama was activated for the inmates of Pesaro prison: the initiative was repeated in 2024.
As of 2024, the project will extend its educational offer to the guests of the “Le Ville” social-educational rehabilitation day centre in Montefelcino and the “Villa Evelina” social-educational rehabilitation day centre in Lucrezia di Cartoceto, managed by the “La Sorgente” s.c.s. cooperative.
Finally, the training course for teachers was repeated in collaboration with the Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro and the Liceo Laurana Baldi of Urbino.

Published in : 24 June 2024