The Accademia Rossiniana Alberto Zedda is a seminar dedicated to the problems of Rossini interpretation, active in the Festival since 1989 under the guidance of Alberto Zedda, until his recent passing, and now directed by Ernesto Palacio. It is not a school of singing, but a place where one can learn the mentality, the culture, and the style of bel canto. The Accademia was also inaugurated with the idea of forming a more modern opera singer, disposed to give equal importance to the claims of singing, musicology and the visual aspects in an opera. In more than a quarter of a century the Accademia has furnished a whole troop of young vocal artists who can be heard today in theatres all over the world, spreading an easily recognizable and particular approach to Rossini.
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A seminar dedicated to the interpretation in Rossini’s works, directed by Maestro Ernesto Palacio. The seminar, held every year in Pesaro during the Festival period, deals with the problems arising from modern interpretation of the vocal and dramatic requirements of the restoration of Rossini’s operas to the repertoire; it is open to professional singers and researchers.
The 2019 Accademia Rossiniana will be held from 8 to 22 July.

It is possible to take part in the course either as a full participant or as an observer. Attendance at the course is free of charge, but limited to those chosen with a decision which must be regarded as final. Participants will be selected from among the applicants on the basis of the audio-video material supplied, although an audition may be required.
Auditions will take place in Pesaro on 18, 19, 20 and 21 March.

Requests for admission to the course, accompanied by an audio-video recording of a Rossinian opera aria, a full-length photograph, a curriculum of studies and professional activities, should be sent by the application form published on the Festival website at the link not later than 13 February.
Those candidates selected for the audition have to prepare two full-length opera arias, one of which has to be a Rossinian one.
Ladies are to be no more than 32 years old; gentlemen no more than 35 years old.
The non-EU residents, in case they are selected, have to produce documents according to the current laws, under penalty of exclusion.
The study plan includes theoretical seminars, access to the Festival rehearsals and a course in vocal interpretation, concentrating mainly on the opera Il viaggio a Reims.
Ernesto Palacio will be assisted by Maestro Rubén Sánchez-Vieco.
The study plan also includes a masterclass held by tenor Juan Diego Flórez.

By the beginning of the course Full participants are to perfectly learn by heart the assigned role(s), according to the indications given by the Accademia itself, which will also see to the supplying of the musical material. Full participants are also to perfectly know two Rossinian duets and two arias of their choice.

Qualified participants will then take part in the Concluding Concert of the Accademia, which will be held on 22 July, and in any possible side events.
Furthermore, the selected participants will be involved in the production of Il viaggio a Reims, staged at the Rossini Opera Festival as part of the “Festival Giovane”, which is to take place on 18 and 20 August.

A grant will be provided for those who take part in the Il viaggio a Reims.

A certificate of participation in the Accademia will be given to all at the end of the course.


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