Didactic Activities

The Rossini Opera Festival collaborates with the Conservatorio Rossini, with other educational institutions in order to encourage the widest possible distribution of musical culture and with the Accademia di Belle Arti of Urbino [the Academy of Fine Arts].

The collaboration with the Conservatory allows students to witness rehearsals of the operas and the lessons of the Accademia Rossiniana Alberto Zedda. Furthermore, the Festival supplies scenery and props for this institution's theatrical productions.

For some years now the Festival, together with the Fondazione Rossini, has been effecting a multi-discipline project entitled Crescendo per Rossini to spread the appreciation of opera in the higher levels of schools. As from the Rof 2013 we have launched an educational scheme for children, Il viaggetto a Reims - A little trip to Reims -  an integral part of the 'Festival Giovane' - the Youth Festival - in conjunction with the staging of Il viaggio a Reims
As an annual practical exercise, the Scenographic department of the Accademia involved the students of the course in the planning and partial realization of the scenery and costumes of one of the Festival productions, under the supervision of the stage director engaged for the opera. In 2014, the students have designed the whole production of Il barbiere di Siviglia in a semi-staged version.