We present you the winner of ‘Il tuo Viaggio’

16 July 2015

Maria Teresa Carletti is the creator of the design that has won the third edition of the ‘Il tuo Viaggio’ competition, promoted by the Rossini Opera Festival to reward a rising artist of talent. The design will be published on the front cover of the programme of the opera Il viaggio a Reims, to be staged this summer at the XXXVI Rossini Opera Festival. 
Maria Teresa says: “The idea of taking part in the competition came to me through my school, the Liceo Artistico Mengaroni. Our drawing teacher asked us to create an elaborate design for Il Viaggio a Reims, to propose several versions and finally to submit one of them as the definitive choice. I have lived in Pesaro all my life and ever since I was small I have always heard Rossini mentioned and I have always admired him for his immortal operas but I have to admit that I did not know very much about the opera in question, so I looked it up. I wanted to create something that everyone could find himself in, something that left space for the collective imagination; the idea behind my design sprang from this: simple white bodies highlighted by a black background, without details or significant particulars so that everyone might see himself reflected in some way. I have always wanted to take part in the Rossini Opera Festival, but, unfortunately, I have never been in Pesaro when the Festival was on; finally, this year my dream has been realized!