Victory of the ROF at the International Opera Awards

27 April 2015

The Rossini Opera Festival was awarded the prize for the best re-discovered opera (Aureliano in Palmira) at the International Opera Awards 2015, promoted by the English magazine Opera. The award ceremony was held last night at the Savoy Theatre, London.  The Rossini Opera Festival was also in the short list for the prize for the best festival (for the second year in succession, it was the only Italian festival listed).

Aureliano in Palmira was staged by the Rof in 2014, conducted by Will Crutchfield (who has also prepared the critical edition).  The stage director Mario Martone offered a production that was carefully detailed, scene by scene, rejecting banal modernizations and allowing the drama to unfold in its historical setting, and at the same time having much to say – almost  prophetically - about the dramatic confrontation between east and west in the twenty-first century.

“This is a prestigious recognition” said the Mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, “that proves the high quality of the Festival, which constitutes a true ambassador for the town all over the world. Our compliments to the organizers and protagonists of the event: our thanks to the Rof, an example  of culture and beauty that we can strive to emulate in our day to day government, including our efforts to constantly improve our project for Pesaro as a city of music.”

“The prize awarded to Aureliano”, the Sovrintendente Gianfranco Mariotti stressed, “is yet another confirmation of the accuracy of the formula that has turned Pesaro into the undoubted centre of the Rossini renaissance:  the close bond between theatrical revival and scientific research, realized in the historic collaboration between the Rossini Opera Festival and the Fondazione Rossini.”