A course for Theatrical Artisans

18 September 2020

The Rossini Opera Festival and the Pesaro Town Council have organized a course of professional training for Mestieri del palcoscenico – Addetto macchinista costruttore [Artisans of the stage – Stage technicians], incorporated into the system of higher musical education financed by European funds, as part of the ITI project. The course has enrolled 15 participants and 3 listeners.

The course, by means of laboratory activities and the inclusion of a period of practical experience during the Autumn season of the ROF, aims at forming stage technicians capable of undertaking the work of building scenery for a theatrical performance, of mounting, dismantling and working a stage set, of repairing and/or modifying parts of a set, gaining practice in the employment of the appropriate tools,
Theoretical lessons will deal with the following subjects: Theatrical organization,  Security measures, The project to be worked on, The development of the project.  Practical lessons will concentrate on Construction and mounting, Construction in woodwork, Construction and carpentry in metals, Theatrical scene shifting, Stage decoration, Properties.

The President of the ROF, Daniele Vimini, has this to say about the course: ¨The quarantine period from which we have emerged has made it clear how much work lies behind the artisans of the stage and many of us have realized  this now that the work has been interrupted: not only the musicians, obviously, but also all those who work behind the scenes, to make possible that which will always be an indispensable element of our quality of life and also of our country’s economy. This type of professional expertise cannot be improvised, and it is important that the Rossini Opera Festival, in the front line when this kind of reality is to be presented either at home or abroad, should now undertake, thanks to long-range planning  together with the Pesaro Town Council, to enable new professional skills  to be taught and that this system should be constantly stimulated in the name of the highest quality, with Pesaro standing out as a beacon of attraction and motive power.”

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