The XXXV Rof is presented at Pesaro

4 August 2014

As usual the presentation of the XXXV Rossini Opera Festival was celebrated by a convivial meeting at the Alexander Museum Palace Hotel. Those present, besides the Festival directors, included the Mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci, President of the Festival, and the Deputy Mayor Daniele Vimini, the President of the Fondazione Rossini Oriano Giovanelli, the assessore regionale a Bilancio e Cultura Pietro Marcolini, the President of the Conservatorio Maurizio Gennari and the Emeritus President Giorgio Girelli, members of the Orchestra Sinfonica Rossini and the Filarmonica Rossini, both these Pesaro orchestras taking part in this year’s festival, the President of the Ente Concerti Guidumberto Chiocci, the President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Gianfranco Sabbatini, the President of Aspes Luca Pieri, and Maestro Giacomo Sagripanti, born in the Marche, who will conduct Il barbiere di Siviglia.

“Ours is an ideological festival”,  announced  Sovrintendente Mariotti, “that from its beginnings has followed its mission to give Rossini back to the world of opera.  In fact, this year we are presenting no fewer than three critical editions realized by the musicologists of the Fondazione Rossini: Aureliano in Palmira, the Petite messe solennelle and the Six string quartets.  Behind this picture of musicological precision, however, our festival conceals a firm bond with the town and its cultural and economic institutions.  With regard to our relations with the Region, we enjoy close collaboration in matters of  mutual interest: speaking of this year, these have involved operators from Japan, South Korea and Russia.”

The assessore  Pietro Marcolini drew attention to the bond between quality and attentive management: “This summer, in our region, about 400 activities a week will be organized, which on the one hand bears witness to the vitality of our region and on the other, obviously,  makes it inevitable that the Region has to choose which activities to support and which not.  The choice must increasingly depend on quality and, at the same time, on the prompt furnishing of the balance sheet.  This year, too, the Rof is presenting, together with its programme of high and prestigious quality, a detailed balance sheet that bears precise witness to what lies behind the successful performances presented in our theatres.  This represents a model of good management both from the artistic and the economic point of view.”

The Mayor and President of the Rof Matteo Ricci closed by saying:”We take the Rof as an example for re-launching our town both in Italy and abroad.  In Pesaro, the Festival has had the merit of fixing the level of humanity and culture that may inspire our governing.  We want to rely on culture and the re-launching of the concept of beauty as both a civil and an economic value.  And the Rof yet again represents a model in this field: not only culture, but also economic and promotional  income for the town and its activities.”