The virtual hug of the ROF

29 April 2020
Our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) starting Wednesday April 29 will host a virtual journey both onstage and backstage of the Festival through the images of the Studio Amati Bacciardi which has been narrating our long voyage through their photos for more than three decades. The editorial plan will consist in publishing largely unpublished photos, selected for the occasion by Fulvia Amati and Silvano Bacciardi, and the first theme will be hugging.

Fulvia and Silvano explane: "Our thoughts immediately went to a typical aspect of a live performance which is physical contact and hugging in particular which will be the first theme of our journey. Theatre necessarily involves manual work, physical contact, artists feed off of each other’s physical acts and the most important gesture is the applause which envelopes the the artists like a caress while they take their curtain call. And it is this kind of closeness that today is what puts us in danger, we are forced to stay away from one another. But all this will eventually go away and disappear and we will be able to return to this magical place inhabited by special people, the audience in the stalls, the singers onstage and the technicians backstage. But we know for a fact that as soon as possible we will meet again.”