The last in the series of three Incontri

10 August 2021

On the 11th August at 11 the Astra Cinema (Via Rossini 82) will be the scene of the last in the series of three Incontri (Meetings), organized on the occasion of the Rossini Opera Festival by the Fondazione Rossini.

The lecture will deal with the book La dama de Rue de Vaugirard, introduced by Ilaria Narici and Oreste Bossini, and delivered by the author, Stefano Jacini.  The lady (“dama”) of the title is an elegant and sly lady who, in order to make money, founds a clinic “la Clinica del Vento”; in a narrative vortex, skipping  casually from one epoch to another, her loves and her marriages get mixed up with Rossini’s French period and the discovery of a letter of his to a troublesome lover.