Stabat Mater in streaming

8 April 2020
There will be an unscheduled event during the streaming activities of the Rossini Opera Festival. On Good Friday, April 10 at 8:30 pm on our Facebook page we will broadcast the Stabat Mater performed at our Festival in 2015 and it will be available for the next 24 hours.
In the 2015 edition Michele Mariotti conducted the Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, the soloists were Yolanda Auyanet, Anna Goryachova, René Barbera and Nicola Ulivieri.

During our month of activities (March 6-April 7) the Festival has broadcast twelve performances which have registered 34.000 viewers on our Facebook page and on the OperaVision platform, 70% of which are foreign (USA, Russia, Germany, UK and Japan) which reaffirms the international spirit of the Rossini Opera Festival. The Viaggio a Reims Marathon on March 6 and 7 during which we broadcast the last four editions featuring the alumni of the Accademia Rossiniana “Alberto Zedda” registered 11:000 viewers on our Facebook page.

From March 15 to April 7 during our Soirées Musicales we scheduled eight operas (La scala di seta, Zelmira, Sigismondo, Adelaide di Borgogna, Mosè in Egitto, Ciro in Babilonia, Matilde di Shabran and Guillaume Tell), allowing us to register 23.000 viewers with a peak of 5.000 for Guillaume Tell only, which was broadcast cast yesterday on the OperaVision platform and will be available for the next three months. Matilde di Shabran was viewed by over 4.000 people, whereas 2.500 people viewed Ciro in Babilonia and La scala di seta.

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