The ROF is awarded the ‘Benemerito per la Storia delle Marche’ prize

14 November 2012

On Saturday 17th November, at 4.00 p.m., in the Sala della Repubblica of the Teatro Rossini, Pesaro, the Rossini Opera Festival will receive the ‘Benemerito per la Storia delle Marche’ prize. [Recognition of Merit regarding the history of the Marche.] 
This recognition, awarded on the occasion of the Giornata Nazionale della Storia 2012 (the National History Day, 2012), has been awarded by the Associazione Marchigiana Rievocazioni Storiche, which organizes and supports commemorations of historical events in the Marche region, events that have been passed down to us by oral tradition and that have grown more precious over the passage of time.
The prize was created in 2000 with the intention of celebrating the worth and achievements of individuals, associations and institutions who have contributed to the quality of the historical reality of our region.

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