The ROF and its audience: the story of a strong bond

23 April 2018

The research group from the Università di Urbino Carlo Bo, the LaRiCA-Osservatorio that studies live theatre audiences, published last summer Il ROF e il suo pubblico: una storia di legami forti [The ROF and its audience: a story of strong bonds], a systematic  enquiry into audiences at the Rossini Opera Festival, with the aim of profiling the spectators by establishing both their social-demographic characteristics and their characteristic attitudes and behaviour in the enjoyment of culture.  


The research, directed by Roberta Bartoletti, Laura Gemini and Stefano Brilli with Mario Corsi for the statistical analysis of data, was carried out through the distribution of anonymous questionnaires, in both Italian and English, to a random selection of audience members at the ROF contacted during six evenings of performances of the main operas of the Festival: all four performances of Torvaldo e Dorliska (Teatro Rossini, 12th, 15th, 18th and 21st  August), one performance of Le siège de Corinthe (Adriatic Arena, 19th August) and one of La pietra del paragone (Adriatic Arena, 20th August). 570 questionnaires were handed in completed, corresponding to 10% of the visitors. The 2017 ROF totaled 15.868 ticket holders.


In the light of the results of the analysis, the typical ROF spectator is comfortably off, well educated (73,9 of the Italians consulted and 80% of the foreigners had a university degree or a diploma of higher education), strongly faithful (83,7% are regular visitors), stays in the area for six nights, visits museums and exhibitions and likes shopping.  During the year he goes more often to the opera than to the cinema: he is a passionate and voracious opera-lover, about sixty years old, tending towards specialization and philology.

Finally, the research declares that according to its audiences the ROF is a Festival that continues to fulfill their expectations.  The bond of affection towards the ROF is expressed in two aspects: philological interest in Rossini’s musical heritage and the tourist’s interest in repeated summer visits to Pesaro. The typical phrase that sums up the average spectator’s opinion is: “If the Festival always stays the way it is, I shall continue to come to Pesaro every summer.”


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