The Petite messe also in streaming audio-video on the web

20 August 2014

The Petite messe solennelle, to be performed tomorrow, Thursday 21 August, at 8.00 p.m. at the Teatro Rossini, besides being projected live in Piazza del Popolo, will also be available on the web in streaming audio-video.

This transmission has been made possible by Opensky satellite technology.  Open Sky Live  specializes in the transmission of live shows, both sport and music.  Open Sky Live allows us to achieve direct live transmission in any situation, seeing that it has no need of cables or radio bridges, but transmits directly through the satellite.  Viewers may see the event on the You Tube channel of the Rossini Opera Festival ( by clicking on or

Daniele Vimini, deputy mayor and assessore alla Bellezza to the Pesaro Town Council, says: “This is an operation that we have had very much to heart, brought to perfection during the past few weeks thanks to the co-operation of the Rossini Opera Festival and the technical partner who supplies us with this highly developed technology.  In any case the quality of the ROF demands a similar quality in the transmission, and above all this experiment may open the way to real world-wide live broadcasts from the Festival, with different venues furbished and connected.”