The first of the Incontri

4 August 2020
Modellino scenografia
The first in this year's Incontri (Lecture-Meetings) will be held on Friday 7th August at 11.00 a.m. in the Sala del Consiglio Comunale of the Comune di Pesaro (Piazza del Popolo, 1), organized by the Fondazione Rossini on the occasion of the Rossini Opera Festival. The conversation will introduce listeners to the opera La cambiale di matrimonio, which will inaugurate the 41° edition of Rossini Opera Festival on Saturday 8th August, and will be held by Ilaria Narici, Director of the critical edition of Rossini's works undertaken by the Fondazione Rossini, and Eleonora Di Cintio, editor of critical edition of La Cambiale di Matrimonio.

Admission to the hall will be by advance booking 0721 30053, [email protected]), seats being allocated free of charge until the maximum number allowed has been reached. The Incontri will be trasmitted by live streaming on the social channels of the Fondazione Rossini. 

Two further Lecture-Meetings are scheduled, both at the Sala del Consiglio Comunale: on Monday 10th August Per l'Ascolto di Giovanna d'Arco, with Marco Beghelli and Daniele Carnini, and on the 18th August L'Attività della Fondazione Rossini (The Activities of the Rossini Fondation), with Gianni Letta, President of the Fondazione Rossini, the Deputy Major of Pesaro and President of the ROF Daniele Vimini, Ilaria Narici, Director of the Critical edition of Rossini's works undertaken by the Fondazione Rossini, the musicologists Daniele Carnini and Cesare Scarton, members of the scientific committee of the Fondazione.

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