The 1984 Il viaggio a Reims returns in memory of Abbado

7 August 2014

On Saturday the production of Il viaggio a Reims staged at the Rof in 1984 will be projected at 9.00 p.m.  in Piazza del Popolo.

The XXXV Rossini Opera Festival is offering a spectacular pre-inauguration by projecting a video recording in Piazza del Popolo, realized by Sound D Light in collaboration with the Pesaro Town Council, who on Saturday 9th August at 9.00 p.m. will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the first performance of Il viaggio a Reims, the mythical Rossini score that was re-discovered by a fantastic series of chances and then staged at Pesaro in 1984, conducted by Claudio Abbado with his Chamber Orchestra of Europe and in a production by Luca Ronconi, assisted by Gae Aulenti for costumes and scenery.

The formidable cast, perhaps unrepeatable and worthy of comparison with Rossini’s original interpreters, was composed of leading stars of the day and young singers who would subsequently be launched into brilliant careers: Cecilia Gasdia, Lucia Valentini Terrani, Lella Cuberli, Katia Ricciarelli, Edoardo Gimenez, Francisco Araiza, Dalmacio Gonzales, Samuel Ramey, Ruggero Raimondi, Enzo Dara, Leo Nucci, Giorgio Surian, Oslavio Di Credico, Raquel Pierotti, Antonella Bandelli, Bernadette Manca di Nissa, Luigi De Corato, Ernesto Gavazzi and William Matteuzzi.

The opera, subsequently broadcast by the RAI and published on records by Deutsche Grammophon / Fonit Cetra, was a historic event that called public and press from all over the world to the Auditorium Pedrotti; a milestone in the history of the Festival, which from that moment on took its place definitively in the orbit of great international events.

The evening will be an opportunity to commemorate Claudio Abbado, to whom we have dedicated the Rof 2014.  The Festival remembers him with affection and pride, among the major protagonists of the Rossini renaissance.

The video-projection is free of charge.