Second of the Incontri talks

8 August 2017

On Thursday 10th August at 11.00 a.m. the second of our series of Incontri – talks – will be held in the Sala della Repubblica of the Teatro Rossini, organized on behalf of the Rossini Opera Festival by the Fondazione Rossini. The lecture, a preparation for listening to La pietra del paragone, will be given by Ilaria Narici, director of the Critical Editions published by the Foundation, and by Pier Luigi Pizzi and Daniele Rustioni, stage director and conductor of the opera, which will open on the 11th August at the Adriatic Arena.


Another three talks are planned, all in the Sala della Repubblica at 11.00 a.m.: on Friday 11th August an introduction to Torvaldo e Dorliska, with Ilaria Narici, Daniela Schiavone and Francesco Lanzillotta; on Thursday 17th August I tenori di Rossini, with Marco Beghelli; on Monday 21st August the author Larry Wolff will present his book The Singing Turk.