Rossini on Mars

29 July 2020
Rossini Boarding Pass to Mars

As the opening of the Rossini Opera Festival approaches, NASA will offer hospitality  also to Gioachino Rossini on board their new mission on planet Mars which will leave tomorrow, Thursday 30th July, at 1.00 p.m. from Cape Canaveral (Florida).

The space probe, named Perseverance, will be carrying three microprocessors amounting to the names of eleven million people, among which figures Gioachino Rossini’s. The probe  should land on the planet Mars on the 16th February 2021 on the Jezero Crater.

The presence of Gioachino Rossini on the space ship is all owing to the passionate activity of the American Rossini Society, which works towards the knowledge of Rossini and his operas all over North America.